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The love for genuine things brings agrozoo-technical company Di Mascio to discover, manufacture and market the sausages of Abruzzo, combining the best meats and the modern breeding techniques, ancient and wise workmanship handed down from grandparents.

The company, mainly family-run, is now synonymous with quality. Animals born on the farm, meet all the standards for animal welfare. highly competent staff, always looking for the best ingredients prepared daily flour for the various stages of farming, accurately performs all bio security systems avoiding contact either physical or indirect, with any possible source of infection so as to prevent ‘ use of medicines. No means outside the company and no outsider, can cross the gates of the fence. The various departments are always washed and disinfected at the end of each cycle so as to always maintain an excellent health status.

The slaughter is carried out not earlier than nine months of age, when the meat is mature and suitable for the production of both fresh cuts of meats. It takes place in authorized slaughterhouses where cattle are visited by veterinarians ASL before and after slaughtering for suitability for consumption. Then back on the farm ready to be turned into tasty chops and sausages most excellent.

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