Artificial Insemination Centre

The Artificial Insemination center

The mild climate of Aprutine Hills, the absence of factory farms in the surrounding area, as a possible means of infection, combined with the experience of breeding experts, has found fertile ground in the company to create an artificial insemination center the production and sale of pig semen. The twenty-year collaboration with PIC Italy, world leader in the selection of high pedigree animals, allows you to have leaders are increasingly responsive to market needs.

The choice of breeding is very important for the production of high quality meats. Our meats have the right maturity and fat cover to express their full flavor and satisfy even the most discerning palates.

With our vehicles we reach all those small farmers who want to keep alive the tradition and dell’allevare slaughtered at home the pork, delivering piglets home.

In the same way we serve the best butchers who want to give the best to its customers.


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