The Animal Husbandry Company is immersed in the green unspoilt hills of Loreto Aprutino.

At the edge of the Gran Sasso National Park and Monti della Laga, from ‘fine blend of the blue sea and the verdant hills of Loretane, passion and love for the land of his father Ernesto, was founded in 1968 the company Di Mascio.

The current owner, Pierluigi Di Mascio, a graduate in agricultural and animated by the same passion, takes active part in the family business immediately.

Love for animals kicks off the construction of the first pig breeding facility, where now the aim is to create a product of excellent quality, produced on the farm to feed animals through the transformation of cereals.

In 1993 he born the store directly within the company in order to give opportunity to its customers to procure such delicacies. Over the years it has sought to bring the company to the consumer more and more, and today you can find us in Pescara in Via Paolucci, the promoters of “Campagna Amica” with our seasoned and fresh meat products.

Over the years, the passion and the experience gained has allowed us to create new structures ever more modern and in respect of animal welfare.

impianto-fotovoltaico-di-mascio-01A photovoltaic system produces electricity from renewable sources for the operation of the equipment. Unique in Abruzzo as a center for artificial insemination with production and sale of pig semen.

Driven by the same passion of his grandfather and father, they are making known and appreciated in the company with innovative ideas, two young and enterprising boys, Luke and Mark, ready to continue the work of the distinguished predecessors.

In our home we make sausages and fresh meat with the same criteria of our ancestors, with techniques handed down by centuries of history and tradition.

The quality of our products will impress you, our company does not point to large retailers, but to capture the most refined palates with the goodness of the fragrance and the genuineness of our beloved land d ‘Abruzzo.